Tourism in Tanzania

East Africa inevitably evokes safaris and the “Big Five” (lion, leopard, elephant, black rhino and buffalo) but a trip to Tanzania is so much more! Imagine hiking with the Masai, in the crater of Ngorongoro in the north of the country, cruising on the crystal clear waters off Zanzibar, trekking on the famous Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa.

Cultural tourism

Nature and animal lovers will undoubtedly find their happiness in Tanzania. It is a country with multiple ethnicities and cultures which develops harmoniously and cordially of life. Zanzibar with its beaches, located about 40km from the Tanzanian coast, nicknamed “the spice island” is generally visited in combination with Tanzania.

Maps of regions

Tanzania certainly offers one of the most beautiful wildlife shows in the world! But each of the tourist regions of this country has its particularity. The north is synonymous with mountains, lakes, and concentrations of the country’s most famous sites such as the legendary Serengeti Park.

It is also in this region that you will sometimes see the Masai, this people draped in red. The center is a little-visited region where the administrative capital Dodoma is located. Dar El Salaam is a port city teeming with life, surrounded by the north and south coasts with superb beaches that have everything.


The south is considered the country’s second safari circuit behind the north, a region populated by thousands of animals and almost deserted by tourists. Finally the west of the country, a remote region which for main attraction is the chimpanzees and Lake Tanganyika, one of the longest on the planet.

Tanzania is a true paradise for lovers of wild nature and safari, the country has about fifteen national parks which are home to extraordinary flora and fauna. You will undoubtedly be able to see the “Big Five” in the Serengeti National Park, the best known of the northern safaris.

To the south, the Selous reserve and the Ruaha National Park are the benchmarks. To observe monkeys and chimpanzees, go to Gombe Stream National Park in the northwest of the country on the shore of Lake Tanganyika. There are safaris for all tastes: luxurious safaris in superb lodges in the heart of the reserves.


The country is also famous for its many trekking and hiking sites, the best known of which is the ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa. Mount Meru and Usambara Mountains also offer beautiful panoramas and hikes suitable for all levels.

In terms of culture, the port city of Dar Es Salaam is a cosmopolitan city with an African atmosphere. Indeed, it is the starting point for many excursions or to go to the island of Zanzibar. You can enjoy a well-deserved rest after a safari, on huge white sand beaches and crystal clear waters!

Tanzania is a country ideal for tourists. About 38% of the country’s area is set aside for conservation in protected areas. In 2016, travel and tourism represented 17.5% of Tanzania’s gross domestic product. The tourism industry is growing in Tanzania. In 2016, the country welcomed 1,284,279 tourists.

From wildlife to beaches, through Kilimanjaro and the Zanzibar Archipelago, several attractions make your stay in Tanzania a unique experience. Some of the main attractions in Tanzania include:

1. Kavita National Park

The third-largest national park in the country, it is a preserved area. The park comes alive during the dry season when the floodplains dry out and elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes, and many other animals congregate in the remaining waters.

2. Serengeti National Park

Located in the Mara and Simiyu regions, it is famous for the annual migration of more than 1.5 million white-bearded wildebeest and 250,000 zebras. The park is also popular for its lions and other majestic predators.

3. Mount Kilimanjaro National Park

Officially opened in 1977, this national park is one of the most visited in Tanzania. The main attraction here is the snow-capped mountain, the highest point in Africa, which many travelers climb every year.

4. Zanzibar

Most visitors head to Stone Town, the historic district where you can stroll through a maze of narrow streets. The stone city offers incredible things, such as an ancient palace, a Persian public bath, tumbled ruins and a coral stone mansion.

Before booking a vacation in Tanzania, check if you are eligible for the Tanzania electronic visa. You will need a valid passport to be able to complete the online application.